Tips for Creating Your Wedding Checklist

The weeks and months leading up to your wedding can be very stressful, so making sure you create a wedding checklist to keep everything organized is very important. Some of the things involved in your wedding are very obvious and won’t be forgotten such as your wedding dress and your wedding rings, but other things can easily be overlooked in all the commotion. By creating a wedding checklist and executing everything on it at the appropriate time, you can ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. Whether it’s planning a seating chart or remembering to go shopping for wedding sparklers, a good checklist can really make the difference when your big day finally arrives. Here are a few pointers to help you with each stage of your wedding planning and ensure that your checklist doesn’t forget anything important.



Make sure that everything involving your wedding ceremony is on your checklist from the seating arrangements to the actual venue. Every single detail about your ceremony needs to be accounted for, so don’t cut any corners when making your checklist. Your best bet is to sit down with your wedding planner or your friends and family to think of everything ahead of time, and make sure you include even the smallest details on your list. You should also try to check things off as far ahead of time as possible to eliminate stress; just don’t forget to double check those things as your wedding gets closer.


Your reception is probably the toughest thing to plan for because it has the most variables. Make sure you put all of your vendors on the checklist such as the caterer, cake baker, and everyone else that will be playing a role in your big celebration. You also want to add things like wedding sparklers and wedding flowers to your list so you don’t forget anything obvious that you’ll need at your reception. Shopping for things like sparklers for weddings can take a little time, especially since you want to try out a few different sizes of sparklers, so it’s best to have them on your checklist as early as possible. Lastly, you need to have a solid timeline for the event so you know when everyone will be eating and what time things will wind down so you can maximize the amount of fun everyone has.


Many couples forget to plan their honeymoon properly amidst all the excitement of the wedding, but this can actually be a huge mistake. Though the wedding ceremony and reception are very important for your and your guests, the honeymoon is the time set aside for you to celebrate as a couple. Make sure you have your airline tickets, room reservations, and everything else in order so you can have a great honeymoon without being stressed right after your wedding.

Your Own Well Being

Lastly, many couples forget to think about themselves as the wedding date approaches. You may be thinking about how you’ll look or how much weight you’d like to lose before your big day finally arrives, but that is very different from actually taking care of yourself. I find it’s helpful to make a list of healthy things you want to do every single day. First, you need to drink plenty of water. Second, you need to get a full 8 hours of sleep every single night. And third, you need to make sure you take at least an hour out of every day to do something relaxing that doesn’t involve planning your wedding; preferably with your spouse-to-be. It may sound simple to remember on your own, but creating a checklist for these health tips to follow everyday will allow you to plan your wedding with a lot less stress.